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Teacher Survey - Wonder Valley

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  • The purpose of this survey is to find out directly from teachers what will help them help themselves and others using REN XUE. The results will provide a guide for pacing and prioritizing the development of a robust, active, and sustainable support system for the global REN XUE teaching community and the students they serve.

    There are 3 sections in the survey:

    SECTION 1: Tell Us About You
    SECTION 2: Rating Priorities
    SECTION 3: What else would you like us to know?

    Each section will provide us with valuable information for different parts of the teacher support system. In sections 1 and 3 you will be answering questions, and in section 2 you will be rating items by priority.

    We want to thank you in advance for taking the time to thoughtfully fill out the survey. We encourage you to read it carefully, including the instructions, and take your time answering the questions. The needs are many and knowing your priorities will help us help you reach and teach more people.

    Sincerely, Marsha Moore, Teacher Support Coordinator <>
    Cathy Fox, Zach Snyder, and Arne Nordgren, Teachers’ Council Members

  • SECTION 1: Please tell us a little about you

  • Please provide us with a little information about you. This will help us prioritize needs for the different levels of experience and possible geographical differences within the REN XUE teacher group.
  • This will help us establish if there are regional needs
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