I had an interesting experience today with the young girl that comes with her mum in the mornings and hangs out with the horses with me. For a long time I have been wondering how I am going to teach people with horses on a level that is truly beneficial, and how I can help them to experience the Qifield and communicate with it to have a harmonious effect.

Well, today I did it! Naomi with her intention or thoughts or connection had Tinka coming to her without any external sign from her, no rope or movement, with just the connection. And I helped her find that inner relaxed place to keep balance while she sat on Tinka and walked and stopped. Naomi was exactly in the moment to feel the inner balance, so she could feel that connection and safe nice balance where tension doesn’t break it, but there’s trust that if need be the body can and will cling on. I must say I have been working up to this, and today I talked about connecting with her heart. Now I feel I have a direct way to help people experience this place with their horse.

The teaching Qifield from Wonder Valley has been very helpful for me. Listening a little bit to the other teachers talk about their teaching made me see how different each person is and how I can just get on and trust in how it is for me. Now I feel very confident about how I am going to go about this. Hopefully this lasts?


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