For years I was addicted to having every evening my 1 cigarette. The last 4 years it increased and I smoked 2 to 3 cigarettes in the evening together with a glass of wine. I am a small woman and I felt that even these few cigarettes were too much for my body. It came to the point that every time I felt stressed or depressed, I needed a cigarette together with a glass of wine (after 6pm). I felt sick from my habit. I wanted to stop this so much but every time I was seduced by my mind.

But after the retreat, I felt my body was so clean and pure inside with happy Qi that I didn’t want to ruin it. I was ready to fall back into my old pattern because I did it for 20 years but no, this time my body even didn’t want it ! And now I’m over it, I am still free of this old pattern and addiction.

Maybe for you it sounds like nothing to smoke 3 cigarettes a night, but for my body it wasn’t good. I could feel that very clearly, and I felt so bad to repress my sadness or whatever was there. For me, something happened in the retreat. I just wanted to share this. Maybe it’s a small story in comparison to all the other stories but for me it’s a beautiful healing story.

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