During the Level 6 Teacher Training I practised applying the Ming Yuan Verse the best I could (relaxed, calm, natural, integrated, unified, harmonious, Jue Cha – self aware), first concentrating on the ‘relaxed’ part with Jue Cha – self awareness. Along with Wu Xin cultivation, I found a new way to interact with my thoughts and the external.
Each time I realize that I am thinking something about someone or a situation (at this time I’m not analyzing ‘the’ pattern and going to the process of Ling Yuan, although I can quickly see the main pattern behind it clearly), I just take it back in: I take this thought or judgment back inside my Xin (heart), inside my chest. It is like sending something out that I call back as soon as I am aware of it and feel the separation, and make it mine instead of only projecting out: suddenly, I am the person or situation I am ‘judging or thinking something about’.
For example, on the road I have the thought: “He is driving nicely” or, on the contrary: “He doesn’t seems to be aware of being too slow for my needs right now…” :)))))), I take back the thought and I am this driver. As a result, a nice peace comes over me, a contentment, a deep satisfaction that ‘all is well, just the way it should be’… and so on… I am the road, I am this woman looking at me a certain way. It does seem simple or strange to write it down this way, yet the shift is magical.
I seem to be in a kind of a very smooth, harmonious and tender cloud that isolates me from my usual disturbances. When I woke up this morning, I realized that this ‘cloud’ is my state.
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