Since 2012, New Zealand teachers, supported by REN XUE Australasia, have been running a week-long retreat, the Aotearoa (NZ) National Yuan Gong Retreat.

Over these last 8 years, our teachers’ wisdom has been developing. The depth and the quality of their REN XUE teaching and the amazing Qifield gave those who came to the retreat in Wainui, Banks Peninsula, in May this year an opportunity to deepen the qualities of the heart, experience smooth transformation of patterns and the cultivation of self-awareness. As one participant put it: “The pre-digested information from the teachers and their experience incorporating it into their lives has meant the teaching comes straight from the heart- they have shared their wisdom openly, with vulnerability that reaches me deeply.”

Being in this Qifield is a unique experience and a wonderful gift to your life, as you can see here:

‘Everything I hoped for and more…I gained the opportunity to have the life I was born with back.”

“A wonderful & rich experience being in this group of open loving people. Fantastic teaching.”

“So much love in my heart from the beautiful Qifield established by the beautiful people here. Thank you Thank you Thank you to the organisers, teachers. everyone.”

“This retreat once again takes my practice to a new level”

” The best Wainui retreat I’ve attended, feel so connected to everyone else – haven’t had this experience to this depth before. The love and harmony feels so beautiful…a beautiful, life changing week”

” I felt how it is to love myself!”

” I feel great – calm, relaxed and natural. Have achieved all the things I wanted to on this retreat.”

” I found myself. She’s really quite magic”

Will we see you there next year? Our RXAA Aotearoa National Retreat 2020 will be from the 31st of May to the 6th of June with a teacher only day on 30th of May.

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