What is REN XUE?

REN XUE is a holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life. Founded by Yuan Tze, REN XUE includes two distinct disciplines. Yuan Qigong, the first discipline, helps individuals find greater peace and harmony through a contemporary Qigong practice. Yuan Ming, the second, offers healing techniques that can diminish the effects of injury and illness.

REN XUE combines eastern and western thought traditions.

Yuan Tze’s life experience spans both cultures and REN XUE reflects his knowledge of the rich cultural and philosophical traditions of China and his familiarity with developments in western philosophy, science, medicine and technology.

Anchored in a solid theoretical base, REN XUE effects deep, long-lasting transformation in individuals and the greater community. REN XUE and its disciplines can improve energy (Qi), clarify thinking, open the heart, and give meaning to life.

If you would like to explore REN XUE’s theories and key tenets, we invite you to download this PDF file.

REN XUE’s promise is the possibility of living in a calm, relaxed and natural state, in harmony with yourself, with those around you, and with the natural world.

About Yuan Tze

Read more about Yuan Tze’s background and experience, or hear Yuan Tze talk about his early years in the clip below.  

Special acknowledgements for the:

REN XUE International (RXI) is a non-profit organization based in New Zealand that operates globally to support the Ren Xue community.

The focus of RXI’s work is to:

Support Yuan Tze in the ongoing development and delivery of Ren Xue teachings.  This includes regular online and (as travel becomes possible) in-person events, and Ren Xue books and practice resources.

Deliver the REN XUE Teacher Program – including Teacher Training, Continuing Education and Teacher Support.

Support and connect our global community of Ren Xue practitioners, teachers and affiliate organizations through:

– newsletters, social media groups, our community monthly Full Moon practices and annual Global Awakening Day celebration,

– our Learn REN XUE website, which acts as a space to connect and learn Ren Xue online and as a global directory of all Ren Xue offerings including a Teacher Directory, Calendar of Online Activities.  It also includes access to regular online events with Yuan Tze, which provide opportunities to learn and practice Yuan Gong with REN XUE teachers and practitioners, and meet on Zoom to share through our Tea & Qi sessions.

REN XUE International’s Charities Service Registration Number is CC56324

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