Preparing for my first REN XUE Qigong Workshop in my home was an elevating experience for me. For weeks preceding the class, I was practicing mentally and also with my dear Skype teacher, Vanessa! She told me that years ago Yuan Tze asked her what the most important preparation for teaching was. She had a few guesses, but finally he told her: “to have a calm, relaxed and natural mental state”.

This was certainly my goal and the class went well, but I had an unexpected co-leader! My dear cat, Mozart, curled up in the chair next to me in what I can only guess was a calm, relaxed and natural state of mind! (I even had to add an extra chair!) He stayed there for the whole one and a half hour class, even when we stood up to practice Tian Yuan!

I can only guess that the Qifield must have felt very pleasant to him because he lingered there even when we moved to the table for lunch!

I love all my teachers, but he is with me all the time and especially when I am studying and practicing Ren Xue Qigong, so maybe I love him best!❤️

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