When Verena Jonker, a teacher now based on Great Barrier Island, invited Melissa and I to hold a weekend workshop in Auckland, we thought it was about time to reconnect with our NZ REN XUE family. The tour in Aotearoa New Zealand started in February with the weekend workshop in Whangarei. Then we moved our way southward to Auckland, Motueka, Christchurch, and concluded the tour with the workshop in Dunedin in the first weekend of May.

In Whangarei, a senior teacher said to us, “Do you remember last time you came here, you had nine people attending the workshop on Sunday and on Sunday there were six?” That was 15 years ago, and things surely have changed! This time the workshop was very well attended, thanks to the good work of all our teachers over the years. Not just in Whangarei, but in all of the five locations.

Teachers exceeded our expectations! We were amazed at how well teachers worked together like a harmonious family! It was truly the best demonstration of the beauty of teamwork. They made decisions together and shared the numerous tasks. They had truly thought of every detail. Everything was done with so much love and care for the people they serve and for REN XUE! They are all living proof of Zi Du, Du Ren. How can I not be proud of the teachers!
New Zealand is the birthplace of REN XUE. It was the students and teachers here that nurtured this child through its infancy, toddler years, and youth. It is also from this special land that the REN XUE family expanded out to many parts of the world. My connection with the New Zealand REN XUE family has always been special, and this tour further strengthened this precious connection.

Those five workshops were such happy times for Melissa and I! Altogether, we connected with more than 430 participants. It was a real pleasure seeing old friends as well as meeting new people. What brought me the most happiness and joy was the heart-to-heart connection I felt with them! My heart was able to stay open because their hearts were. They were so ready to receive what I shared. I felt their eagerness to learn, to search for meaning, to absorb nourishment, to grow. They genuinely want to find their True Self. Nothing brings me more joy than making myself useful by helping people develop realisation and wisdom and find their True Self. To me, this is what truly matters. I felt so touched by the love and the spark I saw in their eyes. I was also pleasantly surprised that there were many young people, and they were just as open and ready as everyone else.

The success of these workshops was the outcome of the collective work of teachers and all participants building the Qifield together. I feel hopeful that so many people were ready to commit. I look forward to keep strengthening the beautiful connection with my New Zealand REN XUE family!\!

Thank you, all the teachers, for your excellent work, for all the love and care we have received from you, and for the opportunity to get to know you better. Thank you, all the participants, for making the REN XUE family so amazing.

With utmost Five Xin,
Yuan Tze

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