A retreat in France, a retreat in Sweden, a workshop in Portugal

Retreat in France

Sweden retreat – Part 1: teachers only

Sweden retreat – Part 2: everyone!

Workshop in Portugal

Your heart, or Xin in Chinese. It is the key to unlock your True Self. When your True Self is freed and becomes functional, its wisdom will dissolve most of your unhealthy patterns and a new life will emerge. In REN XUE, the consistent manifestation of True Self is the phenomenon of ‘enlightenment’. This is how important your heart is! And this is why the heart was the focus of our work at the REN XUE events in Europe this year.

The True Self is unable to function and manifest its realisation and wisdom because the patterns of the consciousness have taken over and function on behalf of the True Self. It is as though the True Self has been locked away by all the patterns. The heart is able to unlock the True Self because it has a special connection with it. However, to do so, the heart needs to be in its natural state. What is the natural state of the heart? It is the original pure, healthy state with the presence all the innate qualities of the heart, including the five essential qualities (five Xin) – trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing (true respect). When in this state, the heart can bypass the patterns of the consciousness and reach the True Self directly.

Most people’s hearts have not been in this natural state for a long time. The main cause is that we have learned to manifest these heart qualities conditionally. We set conditions and only when the conditions are met that we feel safe to feel these qualities in our hearts. As life goes on, we set more and more conditions and therefore feel these Xin qualities less and less. Gradually we lose the natural ability to feel them. When a Xin quality is absent, it doesn’t just leave a vacuum; instead, the opposite qualities will take over. The presence of the opposite qualities will inevitably turn our hearts into an unhealthy or even twisted state. This is why in reality it is rare for a person’s heart to reach her True Self.
The good news is: all these Xin qualities are still there in our hearts. With some work, they can be brought alive and the heart can be restored to its natural state. This was the main focus of the REN XUE events in Europe this year. We focused on understanding five Xin and cultivating them.

I want to thank those of you who participated in these events because when I encouraged you to open your heart to me, you did. You received what I conveyed to you with your heart and took it in deep. I could feel your heart moving and opening with my heart. I could see change on your faces every day. Your faces opened up and your smile showed more and more genuine joy. I knew you touched your own heart deeply and your life changed profoundly. It was a most wondrous and fulfilling experience to me.
In November, I will continue to work with my REN XUE family on the heart at the retreat in New Zealand. This is the foundation-building work that is still necessary at this stage for the attainment of realisation and wisdom. I look forward to the heart-to-heart connection and exchange with you in November.


Yuan Tze

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