I would like to share my experience with doing the 100 Day Gong Challenge and to hopefully encourage people to keep at it if you are currently attempting one or would like to start one. PLEASE GO FOR IT.

1. My first 100 Day Gong Challenge was not long after my first REN XUE retreat in 2017, I decided to do Tian Yuan and Di Yuan for 40 minutes each day, I was already practicing 3 or 4 times a week however I noticed days when I would say I just can’t be bothered practicing and would give up very easily. My first attempt lasted about 25 days until I gave it away for few days, the next one about 15 days, then I finally reached 60 days and stopped again for a few weeks, however probably by my 4th or 5th attempt I made it to 100 days. My experience from trying my first 100-day challenge is that it got me into a habit and a love of practicing daily which nowadays I am so grateful for.

2. My second 100-day gong was to do 100 squats in 100 days, a bit ambitious for me but I wanted to see if I could do something like this to lift my energy levels. I don’t think I ever quite made it to the 100 days however I was very close, but the best thing that happened from this challenge was to recognise my addiction to sugar even though I wasn’t eating much sugar before I started the challenge I was craving it more and more as the challenge when on and my moods were very erratic especially feeling very tired and hazy in the head. After 70 days the challenge was getting harder and harder and I couldn’t work out why, I’m sure it was to do with the deep emotions in my body coming to the surface. This has been an issue through most of my life eating lots of sugar (love my comfort food). It was hard but I gave up all sugar for 3 months, nowadays I sometimes have sugar now and again however I don’t have the cravings any more thanks to the 100 days of doing squats. My head is so much clearer because of this.

3. My third 100-day challenge was to practice Yuan Gong for 2 hours every day, this was before the retreat in Sweden in 2019, what I noticed when I got to the retreat that I was in a very relaxed and calm state and feeling quite energised from doing this challenge. However, to my surprise, I experienced very strong unhealthy patterns that come up in me of self-doubt and approval seeking, this took me by surprise, especially the self-doubt as trust and openness was growing deeper inside of me before the retreat. I guess if unhealthy patterns are going to arise like that what better place than at a REN XUE retreat. At the retreat, Yuan Tze mentioned that when your Qi levels build up so can the unhealthy patterns which made a lot of sense to me from what I was experiencing. I worked on the patterns a lot at the retreat with some success using Ling Yuan, I guess time will tell on just how much success that was. I am so grateful that the patterns did show up and I believe it was to do with all the practice beforehand.

4. My forth was doing Di Yuan everyday however this didn’t go so well. After the retreat I was exhausted and quite run down for several months and practicing daily was very challenging, again I missed a lot of days/weeks here and there but I kept going with practicing Yuan Gong as much as I could and eventually I came good, even though I didn’t complete the challenge, I felt that Yuan Gong helped me get through this challenging period in a good state.

5. Currently doing my fifth 100-day challenge which is Di Yuan for 75 mins every day, I think it has been nearly 60 days now and I have only missed 3 days even though I find this challenge one of the hardest ones I have ever done, it is also one of the most enjoyable as well if that makes sense. Maybe that is because of the benefits that I am feeling, like the foundation of feeling Relaxed, Calm and Natural which is definitely growing inside of me, I also feel the same with the 5 Xin qualities. Gratitude is very strong again for having REN XUE in my life. 

To me practice is everything, practicing Yuan Gong as changed my life for the better in so many ways especially in everyday activities/thoughts that I do and have, by creating healthy ways of being kind and loving to myself and to others in all I do. I feel my life is starting to feel meaningful and wonderful, so thank you.

Thumbs Up to the 100 Day Gong Challenge!

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