Uplifting our own life

and helping others

to do the same…

A Path to Realization & Wisdom

REN XUE is a wisdom system developed to help practitioners achieve greater health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, realization and wisdom. It helps us find inner harmony through practices that elevate body, heart, and consciousness, which in turn helps us find outer harmony – in our personal relationships, within society, and with nature.


Practitioners are supported by Ren Xue’s founder Yuan Tze and a thriving global community, all working towards a shared mission to

Zi Du Du Ren – uplift our own life and help others to do the same

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Ren Xue's Founder - Yuan Tze

REN XUE International is the non-profit organization of Ren Xue founder, Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze developed Ren Xue through the realization and wisdom he gained from his life cultivation. Ren Xue reflects his profound understanding of the law of life and the law of the universe. It is a truly unique and comprehensive system for developing the whole of life.  Meet Yuan Tze…

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Begin or dive deeper into your Ren Xue learning on our new www.learnrenxue.org website, where you can learn directly from Yuan Tze or one of our qualified Ren Xue teachers.

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Global Ren Xue Community

We support a thriving global community made up of trained Ren Xue teachers, practitioners and organizations that offer support, connection and learning opportunities.

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Ren Xue Teacher Program

REN XUE International oversees the global Ren Xue Teacher Program, which includes the six level Teacher Training Program. This unique training provides the opportunity to master all nine methods of Yuan Gong and learn the power of Yuan Ming for healing the whole of life.  Read more…

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Latest Full Moon Message – Identification with the Body

Latest Full Moon Message – Identification with the Body

Our work on identification is ultimately to establish our true identify, that is, the identification with the True Self. This takes place when the True Self can function consistently. Before this happens, the false self is in charge of life. So we can say this shift...

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What is Qigong and Yuan Gong?

Qigong is an ancient practice dating back five thousand years. Ren Xue integrates its own Qigong system called Yuan Gong with a modern understanding of health and wellbeing.

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What Is Qi?

Qi is a substance containing energy, information and material. It is the “building blocks” of the universe.  Qi is everywhere and in everything in the universe.

Read more in our What is Qi? post from Ren Xue Wisdom or

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What is Realization and Wisdom?

In Ren Xue, attaining higher realization and wisdom is the natural manifestation of achieving better health, harmony and living in the moment. It can be seen as the ultimate outcome of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong training on the personal level.

Read our What is Realization and Wisdom? post on our Ren Xue Wisdom page, or

Watch What is Enlightenment? on REN XUE TV

See what the REN XUE community has to say

“Joining a Ren Xue retreat is the most amazing experience for turning your life around and helping you understand life on the deepest level. It brings you face to face with yourself. Knowing yourself is the key to real growth, health, and wellbeing.”

J.B., New Zealand

“Yuan Tze’s teachings are so meaningful to the world’s current problems. Anyone with an interest in helping others or making the world a better place can find a way to make a greater contribution through applying these teachings. Ren Xue also gives a sound, effective way to improve all levels of life. The teachings are simple and can be applied to everyday life.”

C.A., New Zealand

“Every one of Yuan Tze’s events has meant another step for me towards life cultivation. I am grateful there have been so many opportunities available to grow this year”

I.M., Portugal

“Yuan Tze generously shares his deep knowledge, experiences, and has a genuine approach with heart and humility. I am very touched by his humility, generosity, and the opportunity for everyone to benefit from what he has learned in his lifetime.”

I.S., Sweden

“Since learning REN XUE, I am more aware of my patterns and am excited to be able to explore them more. I feel more relaxed and calm in my daily life.”

L.W., Canada

“I would recommend learning Ren Xue from Yuan Tze online to anyone interested in growth because it provides an incredible opportunity for people like me who wouldn’t normally be able to attend an in-person event, to have this enriching experience”

A.V., United States

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