Yuan Tze’s New Year Message

Dear Ren Xue family,

In this time of celebrating a new beginning, I would like to extend my best wishes to you.

Every 365 days, we have this opportunity to start anew. How would you like to make a good start for your 2023? I have a few suggestions here. Firstly, choose one simple thing to focus on. A relatively easy way to make progress in life cultivation is to start with something simple to do and give it a good go. Here is a list of things you can choose from: relaxing; maintaining connection with the body, Qi, Lower Dantian, breathing, or the heart; being in a calm state; being aware of one of the 5 Xin qualities; Jue Cha. There may be problems you want to address. Instead of jumping into them, you can try making some progress with a simple task and see how that helps you deal with those problems. I would like to encourage you to choose one thing and be fully dedicated to it. Success in it could set a good pace for the year.

Secondly, do not be afraid of making a mistake. As Ren Xue practitioners, we have all become more and more aware of what our patterns can do. We catch ourselves doing things we don’t like – we lose our calm state, we hurt someone we love, we make a wrong choice, we make a fool out of ourselves. What can we do when we find ourselves in one of these situations? If a child has made a “mistake” and her parent turns it into a valuable lesson for the child, the child will not only learn and grow from the “mistake” but also feel safe to trust and be honest with the parent. This is exactly how we should treat ourselves when our patterns play up. Instead of punishing ourselves with regret, self-blaming, disappointment, shame, or guilt, we should feel totally safe to be honest with ourselves. We need to first understand that unhealthy patterns are part of our lives and they are bound to do what they do. “Mistakes” are simply inevitable. It is futile to fear what is bound to happen. Being afraid of making “mistakes” will only drive us to retreat to an unhappy place or hide from ourselves. All we need to do is to acknowledge what has happened, identify the patterns behind it, and work on them. At this special time of the year, I would like to encourage you to work on this so whenever your patterns have created a situation, you immediately see it as an opportunity, not a “mistake”.

Thirdly, align yourself with the universe. This suggestion is intended to provide you with some protection in this increasingly unstable world. We should always remember that aligning with the wisdom of the universe is the best strategy for navigating through challenging times. What is the wisdom of the universe? It creates the beauty and harmony of the universe and ensures the balance and ongoing development of everything in the universe. We humans come from the universe and are the embodiment of its wisdom. Living in alignment with its wisdom is the way to ensure we are on the path of healthy development. How do we access this wisdom? By having our Jingshen (heart, consciousness, and Shen) in a natural state – relaxed, calm, unified, and harmonious with the presence of the 5 Xin qualities. In this state the choices we make will be beneficial for the health and growth of ourselves and others, rather than self-serving. In everything we do, we make our best effort for it to go the best possible way and leave it to the universe to determine the outcome. We accept the outcome and don’t get attached to our own expectations and don’t get distressed when things go against our expectations. In this way we become the instruments of the universe and live in total harmony with it. When we live this way, we will find that the universe will take care of everything for us in the best possible way, down to the smallest detail. I would like to encourage you to develop this new way of being in the new year. Find your trust in the universe and surrender to it. In this new life you won’t need to be busy trying to take control of everything. You can just relax.

2023 is a special year for Ren Xue – it is the beginning of a new stage of development. This means Ren Xue will grow more and be able to help more people. This also means the work on life will go to a different level. This is crucial for the transformation Ren Xue is meant to bring to humanity. I would like to invite you to join and move in step with this new development of Ren Xue. I am ready to do all I can to work together with you and everyone who is willing to make the effort for this transformation which is both important and urgent for the future of humanity. Let’s connect our hearts and move forward hand-in-hand.

I look forward to learning and growing together with you in 2023 and send you my warmest and sincerest wishes for your continual growth.

From my heart to yours,
Yuan Tze

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