Full Moon Message

Unconditional Trust

Mar 18, 2022

Unconditional trust is an innate quality of the heart. It is constantly present in the heart of every human being.

When does unconditional trust manifest? It manifests when the heart is in a pure state. What is a pure heart state? It is when the heart is not under the sway of any unhealthy pattern. In this pure state, without the restriction imposed by conditions, trust can fully manifest.

Many people would probably find the concept of unconditional trust a little dangerous. This most likely has something to do with the usual way we trust. We trust only when we consider someone or something to be trustworthy. We rely heavily on our past experiences and knowledge to rate the level of trustworthiness. When we are certain enough that our expectations will be met, then we trust. It is like a merit system. When a person has performed well in fulfilling our expectations, he will earn our trust. This trust is conditional. Conditional trust plays an important role in keeping things in order in society. Life runs much more smoothly when things turn out the way we expect. However, trust built upon our own expectations can be fragile and volatile because things change all the time and are often not within reach of our control.

Why do we trust this way? Because it is deeply rooted in human nature, especially the need to ‘seek interest and avoid harm; seek simplicity and avoid complexity’. There is nothing wrong with this need. It is natural. However, when it is not guided properly, unhealthy patterns can form. For example, when we want to protect ourselves from things going wrong, we try to control by setting conditions. The pattern of controlling can thus be formed. Trust in this sense is essentially a means to meet our need to feel secure and safe. It’s a self-protection mechanism.

If one’s idea of trust is built upon the fulfillment of conditions, unconditional trust would seem extremely dangerous, especially when it is misconstrued as blind trust. The truth is, unconditional trust could not be more different than blind trust. Blind trust is the result of ignorance, of lack of clarity and wisdom. The meaning of ‘trusting’ in this context is closer to ‘believing’. It is of course dangerous to believe in anything without knowing the truth of it.

Trusting without any conditions is pure trust. It is the natural way of a pure heart. It is the ability to embrace everything as it is, without expectations or control, knowing that everything is following its law and the universe will take care of it. It is a state of complete openness and acceptance, which allows the space for everything to be what it truly is. Wisdom will manifest, revealing what action is needed. This state remains unchanged even when conditions change.

What is the benefit of manifesting unconditional trust? We will feel safe without building a wall around us. Our relationship with ourselves and the world will become healthy and harmonious. We will have true respect for things as they are and no resistance even when they don’t meet our expectations. This will bring true relaxation, peace and calmness to life.

Most importantly, unconditional trust is a key to opening the heart. When the heart is open, we will have a good chance to reach our True Self. When the True Self manifests, we will be truly living in every present moment, being fully aligned with the boundless wisdom of the universe. The need to achieve interest and simplicity will be fulfilled, not by setting conditions and controlling, but by following wisdom, which means it will benefit all.

I hope it is clear to you now where the bright path lies.

Yuan Tze

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