Full Moon Message

Unconditional Trust and the True Heart

Apr 16, 2022

To help with the manifestation of unconditional trust, you need to first recognize that it is an innate quality of every human being’s heart, of your heart. It is a quality we have inherited from the universe. With unconditional trust, the universe allows everything to be what it is and develop its potential to the full. It is the wisdom of the universe that we can find in ourselves, in our own hearts. Apart from seeing this truth, we need to understand what is blocking the manifestation of unconditional trust.

Why is it that our trust can only manifest in such a restricted way, always with strings attached? The simple answer is: unhealthy patterns. Unhealthy patterns create all kinds of values, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Once we identify with them, we see them as part of ourselves, they become part of who we are, of our identity.

Let’s reflect on some important questions to help us gain more clarity.

Come back to your heart, to your Shen, to this unified state within. Unify this space with the universe. You and the universe are one. The wisdom within and without are unified as one.

Ask your heart,

Who is feeling insecure?

Who is afraid of change?

Who is feeling anxious about uncertainty?

What am I afraid to lose?

Who is trying to prevent the loss?

Who is feeling the urge to control?

What am I really trying to hold on to? Why is it so important for me? Is it part of my identity? What identity?

Whose loss is it?

Am I identifying with the loss?

Ask your heart,

Am I identifying with my expectations?

Am I identifying with the effort I have made?

Who is disappointed?

Who is frustrated?

Am I identifying with the disappointment and frustration?

If I am truly an instrument of the universe, aligning with its wisdom and doing everything from my pure heart, would I still feel disappointed or frustrated?

What truly belongs to me?

Ask your heart,

Who am I?

Identify with your true heart, with your True Self. Identity with the truth of reality. Identify with wisdom, with the five wonderful qualities of the heart. Each has its fundamental law and that is what you identify with. The real you is fearless. You are not afraid of loss. Identify with the wisdom of the universe. Identify with what we do that follows the wisdom of the universe.

Come back to the deepest essence of your life – your heart and Shen. Identify with the awareness of your True Self, and keep that awareness/Jue Cha in the foreground. Use Jue Cha to see the false identities that the patterns create. When Jue Cha is able to see the false identities clearly, they can be weakened or even cleared.

Identify with the fact that there is no need to get attached to your expectations. Do your best for things to go in the best possible way. At the same time, follow nature when it comes to the outcome. Everything has its own course of development. Let nature take charge. Seeking maximal certainty is to fulfill your own expectations that come from your desires. The effort to control and intervene for personal gain is an exercise in futile resistance. It only brings the opposite of what we want. It doesn’t bring safety and security. It brings more harm than we can imagine.

Accept, embrace, go with nature. This is the manifestation of your true heart, of unconditional trust. Do it again and again from a unified heart and Shen. Change the way you identify. Little by little, your True Self will become your true identity. You will enjoy true freedom.

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