The motto of Ren Xue

Yuan Tong Ling Ming is the motto of Ren Xue life cultivation. It is the expression of the ultimate goal of personal life cultivation as well the path to reach the goal.

Each of the four Chinese words in this motto has many rich and deep layers of meaning. The essence of each word is described briefly below:

Yuan 圓

Means nothing is missing; the highest level of goodness. Yuan represents both the infinitesimal, like original Qi and the infinite, like the whole universe. In other words, it is ‘so big that there is no room to go further out and so small that there is no room to go further in’. Everything in the universe is inside Yuan. Yuan also represents the circular and curvy movements which are the most basic form of movement in the universe. In the context of the motto Yuan Tong Ling Ming, Yuan also has the connotation of taking up responsibility.


Means full connection and free flow without barriers. For example, maintaining the free flow of your own Qi and blood or the free flow between your body, Qi and Jingshen (the totality of heart, consciousness and Shen/True Self) is Tong. Having an open and harmonious relationship with yourself, your family, other people, society and nature is also Tong.


Means restoration and manifestation of all the abilities of Jingshen. It refers to the development of potential abilities as well as the power of Shen to manifest realization and wisdom. Ling is the non-physical aspect of life that has the potential to develop to a higher level, and manifests once you have made progress in Yuan and Tong. It also shows as the highly-developed ability to help yourself and help other people (Zi Du Du Ren).

Ming 明

Is made up of two parts, “日” the sun and “月” the moon, and means bright. Ming is the manifestation of boundless and infinite realization and wisdom.  When we are in a Ming state Yin and Yang are in harmony and Shen is clear and bright and continuously brings forth new realizations and wisdom.

Yuan Tong Ling Ming can be summed up as: “The level of life where its potential can fully manifest. Every aspect of life flows freely and naturally without barriers. All the abilities of Jingshen reach their full capacity, and the True Self manifests its boundless and infinite realization and wisdom. Life is on the broad bright path of continuous improvement and growth.”


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Full Moon

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