Tong Yuan is the 7th method in the Yuan Gong system of Ren Xue and its purpose is to open the heart (Xin).

In Ren Xue, the heart is more than a physical organ – it is where your Xin Ling, or heart consciousness resides.

When the heart is open the Five Xin, the five essential heart qualities – trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing (true respect) will naturally manifest in every moment of life. The ability to freely and unconditionally express the five essential heart qualities towards yourself and everyone and everything in the universe is your true nature.

Tong Yuan is a collection of guided meditations that help us examine and connect with the Five Xin, and by doing so we bring awareness to our thought patterns and gain a greater understanding of ourselves and why we think the way we do.

With greater awareness, comes clarity and a deeper sense of connection with yourself and those around you.

Within Tong Yuan each quality has three stages, and for the first time the third stage, which facilitates the manifestation of unconditional Five Xin as a state of the heart, is now available.

If you have been practicing the first two stages and feel ready to try the third stage – link below to purchase it from the Learn REN XUE website where you will be able to play and access it in an ongoing way.  If you want to know more about the practice – to learn or progress to the third stage, read below.

About the Five Xin

Trust is the beginning of meeting our heart face-to-face. It is the bridge that allows us to communicate with and know our own heart. Without trust, we are filled with doubt, anxiety, and fear.

Listen to a sample of Trust (first stage):

The natural state of the heart is to be open. It is not meant to be locked away. An open heart is the doorway to life; the entry to an inexhaustible source of vitality. When the heart is open, life is like a vast ocean without any restrictions.

Listen to a sample of Openness (first stage):

Love plays a special role in our life. It is present in every cell of our bodies and it influences every aspect of life. Without love, the opposite qualities manifest, creating dis-ease, fear, indifference, or even hate. Like every heart quality, love’s presence is wholly dependent on the presence of the other four heart qualities.

Listen to a sample of Love (first stage):

Gratitude is the manifestation of goodness, beauty, and wisdom. When we feel gratitude we nourish our heart; it becomes softer, purer, more open and loving. We feel more joy and happiness.

When gratitude is missing, we feel a sense of lack no matter how much we have.

Listen to a sample of Gratitude (first stage):

Gongjing is a composite quality. It includes all the heart qualities as well as understanding, accommodation, empathy, appreciation, and compassion. Loosely translated, Gongjing means true respect. What is true respect? When we have true respect, we see everyone and everything as equally important, equally valuable.

Listen to a sample of Gongjing (first stage):

Learn Tong Yuan

Online Classes

Learn Tong Yuan from a REN XUE Teacher.  Check out the Calendar for Online Classes above – just choose the Tong Yuan filter through the red Calendar button.  Or find a teacher in your region below.

At Home Learning

Learn Tong Yuan from REN XUE of the America’s At-Home-Learning program, which includes MP3s and PDFs of the meditations.

Practice Tong Yuan

First Stage of Tong Yuan

Download the first stage of the meditations and enjoy the benefits today.

Second Stage of Tong Yuan

Once you’re familiar with the first stage of Tong Yuan, move on to the second stage to deepen your understanding and experience of the Five Xin.

Third Stage of Tong Yuan

Now available for the first time!  Download the third stage now if you’ve been practicing stages one and two and feel ready to progress with the practice.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient practice dating back 2,500 years and practiced worldwide by an estimated 80 million people. REN XUE integrates its own Qigong system with a modern understanding of health and wellbeing.

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What Is Qi?

Qi is a substance containing energy, information and material. It responds to our thoughts and intentions. Qi is the “building blocks” of the Universe.

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What Is Enlightenment?

In Ren Xue, Enlightenment is stage on the pathway to realising our true human potential when the True Self (or Shen) manifests and you are able to live life in a state of pure awareness.

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