Full Moon Message

Avoiding and Hiding

Feb 5, 2023

The pattern of Avoiding & Hiding can be extremely difficult to identify as hiding is its expertise. On the other hand, if we look hard enough, we may find it everywhere because it is in all the unhealthy patterns we have. How so? Every unhealthy pattern blocks truth so the True Self cannot manifest its ability to see the true reality, the totality. It is as though it hides truth away so it can avoid being seen. We can even go as far as to say every unhealthy pattern is a strategy the pattern of Avoiding & Hiding uses to hide the truth away from the True Self. What a skillful pattern!

Polarized thinking blocks the infinite degrees of grey between black and white.

Over-generalization creates a false totality out of the small piece we see.

Fixed expectations drive us to ignore all possibilities but one.

Greediness deludes us into believing that the more we have, the happier we will be, and it keeps us on a treadmill that will never get there.

Stubbornness traps us in the fear of change, making us think that if we don’t change, we are in full control and there is no need to consider anything else.

Competitiveness becomes a way to secure survival advantage when we fail to see that the universe promotes harmonious and mutually enhancing relationships.

Unfounded suspicion simply wants to take us away from seeking truth.

Negativity and pessimism cast us into a confined and dark space which we gradually get used to and develop a sense of safety and security.

Self-centeredness cuts off our connection with others and the universe, constructing an illusory world in which we feel entitled to everything we want.

Can you see how each one of these patterns separates us from the true reality, the totality? They want us to focus on things that may not even be that important for life, and to depend only on our primitive instinct to push through. They keep using their strategies to divert our attention from ourselves. When life is controlled by these patterns, we will never have a chance to see reality clearly and truly get to know ourselves. All these patterns offer very “smart and effective” escape routes for us to hide from ourselves.

True reality is far from the miserable picture these patterns paint. It is a place where everything is connected in a way that promotes harmony and healthy development. There are always infinite possibilities, providing each of us the space to grow and manifest our full potential. This is not a dream place we go to; this is the reality we live in. When unhealthy patterns stop running our lives, this true reality will reveal itself to us. Let’s transform these patterns – start by looking for the pattern of Avoiding & Hiding in every possible place.

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